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Rehane – Spring/Summer 2012, Lakme Fashion Week

How exactly would YOU have reacted if you see a model come out smeared in talcum powder in plane white unfinished garment with calk marks reading ‘shift-dart’???
Honestly, I am too baffled at the point to comment if it’s cool or not, but all I know is that this is DARING.

I was flicking through the runway photographs from Lakme India Fashion week which recently concluded in Mumbai. Most shows were no different but for some amazing fabrics. Once, our elements of textiles professor had told us that India is a nation where we don’t have much variation with silhouettes but when it comes to Indian textiles, they are as diverse as the nation’s culture itself. Imagine what it is like for every state to have it’s own unique textile crafts. That clearly reflects in most Indian fashion shows where you see a spectacular display of surface ornamentation while most designers hardly ever play with silhouettes.

This show was different! This is probably the first Indian fashion show I’ve ever seen where models are clad in plain white fabrics without any surface treatment. The colours. Where are the colours? The beautiful zardozi, sexy layers of tulle? The cocktail wear? Dazzling bridal wear???????
This all in white collection was inspired from the purity of a woman and are made in raw mulmul and kora fabrics and this is one such collections where the designer has played and experimented with the silhouette and totally rubbished off any surface treatment.

The rouched tank top teamed with shorts, the draped white dress with front cowls and the empire dress are some of my favourite picks from the collection.
No matter what, I feel this is one of the most daring stunt at least in Indian catwalk so far. I don’t think the designer should really be concerned about how the critics received unless this garment trial theme went well with buyers. The whole concept kinda makes sense considering that it’s easier for buyers to choose the silhouette that they need, while the designer can deliver the finished forms.
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  • August 24, 2011

    Actually, it is a good concept. I liked it!!! Wonder what Tenzing thinks of this!!!

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