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Future of Christian Dior and John Galliano?

The Christian Dior Autumn/Winter 2011 couture show clearly reflected that the brand lacks the innovative leadership. Poor Galliano. His beloved fashion house has alarmingly fallen below the impeccable standards of haute couture fashion. Sadly, this collection from Dior is no where in competition with brands like Chanel.

From the dramatic Haute Couture sets to the alluring garments, the entire charisma went missing. The cutting, layering, wigs, geometric shapes, sharp edges, spheres and cubes on models’ head and the dart-less garments in most-boring-pastel-shades was a mass confusion! The shapes, colour and patterns were amateur cartoons. Cubes, pyramids, spheres, cylinders – the entire geometric lessons theme just didn’t work. The only message Mr. Bill Gaytten sent out was that he knew more shapes than any of us!

It was only John Galliano’s absence that was strongly felt in the collection. I hope John has a great comeback in future. His talent cannot be let wasted this way by not letting him do what he does.

As far as Christian Dior is concerned, the brand has to replace John with a designer as brilliant as him. Rumours pour in that Marc Jacobs would fill in the shoes of John Galliano as the next creative head of Dior, as the fashion house is trying to frame Louis Vuitton designer for the job. Marc Jacobs or not, but the Dior definitely needs a visionary who can take forward the brand’s legacy.

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