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Trend Report – 40s fever

Fashion is a never ending cycle and constantly repeats itself. 40s was the time when women looked classic and dressed like more ladies. Accessories like gloves and headgear completed the elegant ladylike look. 40s fashion also witnessed some extraordinary craftsmanship with designers like Christian Dior and Balenciaga being instrumental in marking the new revolution in fashion. I am no vintage specialist, but the fit, fabric and details of the 40s make it what it was and it’s the same details that make us look back to past for pure inspiration.

The Autumn/Winter 2011 recalls the alluring 40s glamour. The feminine silhouettes have a masculine touch in fabrics, colours and prints. Gucci, John Galliano, Jonathan Saunder and Louis Vuitton are some brands that have carried forward this trend to Autumn/Winter 2011 runway. Fur jackets, fur edged gloves, hats, colours, pencil skirts (knee-length and below-the-knee length) and feminine waistline define this ultra glam fashion trend.


Vintage Photograph. Source: My vintage retro
 Editorial Shoot, Vogue Italia. Source: Fatherskincare
 Lady Gaga’s outfit might not exactly replicated the 40s look. Yet the 40s elements like the gloves and the skirt are transformed with bold colour and silhouette.

40s Glamour 

40s Glamour by purushu featuring a knee length pencil skirt

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