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4th semester – RECAP

It feels strange but that’s how life is. 4th semester in fashion design department is long gone. We spent the 5 months draping dresses and torso, made trouser patterns, stitched shawl collars, learned traditional Indian state costumes, worked on fabric surfaces using techniques like bandhni and batik, yet another integrated term project (I made a peach dress inspired from  Japanese geisha) and the feeling of meeting and being with the person you would want to be with rest of the life! I feel more connected to NIFT, Delhi and Fashion Design department than ever before!
Yet another 6 months have passed away like mere 6 minutes. It makes me a lot emotional when I look back at how the college and work has indirectly shaped me as a person, how it has influenced every moment in my life!
I’d remember my 3rd semester for working hard and good grades. I’ve fucked my grades this semester. But I’d remember the 4th semester for the time I’ve spent with friends and meeting the “SPECIAL” one in life.
The cluster project at Benaras was the best of NIFT moment ever! I don’t think such a trip will happen again. Epic! Once-in-a-life-time-trip!
Recap of the 4th semester.

Tie and Dye

Mid Sem – Surface Design Technique jury
Celebrating desi day.
Juniors helping out seniors for graduate collection jury.
Design collection, photoshoot. (paparazzi!)
A model displaying a creation by 8th semester senior, farewell for the outgoing students.
My ITP muslin fit.
ITP Collection. Theme – Phoenix
ITP Collection, theme-edge

Cheers, Purushu

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