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Unfortunately, Gaga is BORN THIS WAY!

I was going through the celebrity images at Cannes Film Festival 2011 and I stumbled upon this image of Lady Gaga looking as stupid as ever in black ensemble and weirdly dyed hair.

I still remember, even 3 years back, I was totally into her. I blindly loved almost everything that she wore. I had even written a blog post then, explaining how she was the best thing in the fashion circuit. But it is all past now. She’s just like the farmville game. Yes, the game in facebook, where you have that crappy farm and feed your animals, wait for your crops to grow completely, harvest them and finally get over the game within a span of time.
You can’t put the blame on me, for being crazy about Lady Gaga’s fashion at one point of time. She was daring and unique. I loved her madly at the time when she sported Alexander McQueen SS 2010 ensemble for the bad romance video. 
She is the same woman who stepped out in outfits like these at one point of time… which were smart, well styled and unique.
Over a period of time, she only ended up repeating the looks till she bored the fashion watchers to death that people tagged her ‘weird’, ‘stupid’ and ‘boring’! Looks like, she has run out of ideas. Everything about her is boring now. That includes her new album too!
Here are some examples, how she repeats and over-does the geometric look, the headgears and weirdo hair dyes.

And the poker face bow hairstyle, turned out to be “INSPIRED” from Paris Hilton.

She’s funny at times. Like at the Grammy Awards 2011. Lol! Why would anyone emerge out of an egg with horns in her forehead and shoulders?

Later, she goes on to receive the award in a funny black armour dress with butt pads 😀 rofll! How many of you were laughing your ass out seeing those butt pads??

That was still fine. At least she is wearing something… This one is totally gross where she forget to wear her pants!!!  Yes! She remembers to dress her hair, wear make up and a leather jacket. She steps out in the streets even without pants!!!
She has already done this in past (saying no to pants)!!
Unfortunately, SHE’S BORN THIS WAY :'(
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