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My experiences at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2011

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The experience at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week was too good in many ways. The very feeling of being a part of the nation’s biggest fashion event makes me feel happy. As a fashion design student, I got a lot to learn from the event. I spent the five days amidst the most fashionable crowd in the nation, some of the biggest names of Indian fashion industry, international buyers, fashion editors, fashion photographers, fellow fashion bloggers, fashion students and the usual temperamental bitches of the world of fashion.

 View from the lobby of main show area.
Designer stalls

Along with me several other NIFTians were assisting various designers, international buyers, etc. I was assisting in the event office editing the show photographs. We got to see lot many fashion shows, we were exposed to the business of fashion like never before and we could witness the trends emerging from the fashion week. I also learnt a lot from the marketing perspective.

Mr. Sunil Sethi, President, Fashion Design Council of India. He’s really really energetic! Even while the show is on, you can see him welcoming the guests and ensuring that everyone are comfortable!

Winners of World of Wearable Art (left), Winner of Burn Curate contest (right).

The view from which I got to see the fashion shows, along with other media/press photographers.

Talking about the fashion shows, it’s really hard to remember each and every show you see a day. But Anamika Khanna Autumn/Winter 2011 is my favourite and I’d call it the best show I’ve seen in the fashion week.
Anamika Khanna Autumn/Winter 2011
 I stood with fellow volunteers/ushers watching the models walk in a tunic-cropped jacket-and-sheer trouser combinations. The surface treatment included fringes in trousers and shoes and metallic chord works over jackets and sheer tops. It’s the latter half that left me speech less. Especially those tunics in hot pink and turquoise with amazing floral surface treatment. Anamika Khanna Autumn/Winter 2011 is a very balanced collection focusing on the distinct 3-piece attire. The garments refelcted the rich Indian textile history and tradition yet catering to the present day, the contemporary society that we live in.
The other shows that I really liked includes Gaurav Gupta, Nikhita Tandon, Rahul Mishra and Rajesh Pratap Singh.
Gaurav Gupta:
Gaurav Gupta Autumn/Winter 2011

Gaurav Gupta’s inspiration was mostly from fluids in motion. The models took over the ramp as images of ink dissolving in water and other fluids in motion were displayed through a projector. While most garments were draped with stunning graphical prints capturing the liquidity, there was one particular white garment which was made of what looks like PVC or some other synthetic fibre which had striking resemblance to a wax candle that’s melting. Latter half of the show saw some bright rich colour with metallic embellishments while dresses made of sheer fabrics concluded the rest of the show. Audience acknowledged the show with a huge round of applause.

Nikhita Tandon:

Nikhita Tandon Autumn/Winter 2011

Thought I didn’t watch this particular show, I really loved it when I went through the show photographs. The entire collection looked very balanced, giving a chic look using tribal motifs, teaming black with red and orange. The safety pin jewellery gets a thumbs up. Smart work indeed!

Rahul Mishra:

Rahul Mishra Autumn/Winter 2011

The ex-NID student, transformed the traditional woven khadi into contemporary silhouettes. The geometric patterns were very neatly finished giving a very refined and polished look. A very creative, smart and wearable collection.

Rajesh Pratap Singh:

The dresses that he sent out in the ramp are my favourite. The best I’ve seen in the WIFW. Designer Rohit Bal and President FDCI, Mr. Sunil Sethi were seen whistling for Rajesh as the show ended! The black ramp looked spooky, decorated with trees covered in silver wire.

The first half of the show witnessed dresses made of Ikat printed silk fabric with floral motifs. The show kept getting better as it progressed. The entire hall was amused as models stepped in pixelated floral motifs in orange, white and black while three floor length coats concluded the show! Mesmerized is the word.

The other looks I liked:

Anand Kabra, Tarun Tahiliani (chinese oriental inspiratin. The show had lots of Geisha inspired garments), Hemant & Nandita.

Jyoti Sharma (ha ha. I really loved those footprints!!!), Walnut by Divya and Nidhi Gambhir (yet another amazing show it was), Ritu.

Let me know about your favourite shows and looks that you loved from the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.

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