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I can’t see any face paint but for exceptional garment construction skills!

It was Karl Lagerfeld’s models who made a fierce statement earlier this season. Viktor & Rolf designer duo joined the bandwagon and the message is clear – it’s time to flaunt the aggressive and constructive attitude in you.

Unlike most fashion critics and bloggers who reported that the show lacked creativity, I really adored the show and witnessed a contentious display of garment construction skills. While others noticed the vermilion painted models, I couldn’t take my eyes of those beautifully constructed garments. The designers did what they are used to doing. What they are good at. Viktor & Rolf are experts when it comes to playing with bold details and painstakingly constructed garments. This show is yet another jewel to their crown.

Armour like pin tucks aesthetically decorate the shoulders while the ruffles beautifully move around the model’s torso inducing a rhythmic visual appeal.

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