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Practicing Fashion Illustrations…

She looked great, draped in frilled skirt and blue fitted shirt. An ideal body. The unrealistic ideal woman. She’s made of plastic. She’s a body form. I sit in one of those back benches observing the plastic lady in limelight, sketching with immense concentration while ignoring the laughter and murmurs from next bench. Fashion Illustration and Design is undoubtedly my favourite subject in college. I’ve been drawing and sketching a lot of those nude fashion figures off late. Illustrating those seductive feminine curves, her bold confident face, bee stung pout…. I definitely enjoy this! Something I wanna continue doing for the rest of my life.

Now I keep pondering… What will I be in future? :O
A fashion designer? A fashion Illustrator? Fashion Blogger? Or something that combines all this? 
Am yet to find an answer. Hope time will have an answer.

Of recent, I’ve been a lot into fashion blogging, something that has come from within, a desire to express and my love for computers probably! I still remember those initial days of blogging when I was elated with every single comment that I received. I am happy that thing’s have been getting better with every passing day.

Again, it’s all just the BEGINNING 🙂
I’ve got a long way to go. The future, the road ahead… I do know that I am on the right track but what I don’t know is about where the track will lead me to. Let’s hope for the best 😉

Practicing faces

Draping a fashion croquie
Freak! Random crap 😀
Colouring an illustration
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