Purushu's award winning fashion blog was founded in 2009 while studying fashion design at NIFT New Delhi. At the age of 19, he was invited by FDCI to write official show reviews at India Fashion Week, New Delhi. Following a stint as menswear designer at Future Group (Lee Cooper), Mumbai in 2013, he relocated to Chennai where he continued blogging and wrote guest columns for The Hindu. In 2017, Purush Arie launched India's first exclusive gender neutral fashion e-commerce. Purushu spoke about gender neutral revolution through fashion at TEDxChennai in March 2018.

One of the best e-mail I’ve received in recent past…

I keep receiving e-mails and messages in my facebook account almost everyday and I try my best to reply most of them. But this e-mail was different with honest inputs and has induced a lots of positive energy in me. E-mails like these keeps me going in spite of my real busy schedule in college. Don’t know what more to add. THANKS!

  • March 5, 2011

    thanks a lot 🙂


  • March 5, 2011

    lol. posters are like the best part of CAT! you can score easily if you have a 'proper' concept and if the message is bold and clear 🙂

    try understanding what a poster is. its meant to attract crowd from a distance to the place where its put up.. hence a bold caption or a picture will cover the maximum space.. with brief information aside…

    search it in google 😉

    and scene drawing.. is again.. about details and presence of mind 😉

  • March 5, 2011

    hey this is me mili im too a nift aspirant though im giving nid exam too but ur blog just made me crazier about my dream but i face a problem dat ,, im able sketch out well but scene drawing and posters give me a scare can u help me with it ,, 🙂

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