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One of the best e-mail I’ve received in recent past…

I keep receiving e-mails and messages in my facebook account almost everyday and I try my best to reply most of them. But this e-mail was different with honest inputs and has induced a lots of positive energy in me. E-mails like these keeps me going in spite of my real busy schedule in college. Don’t know what more to add. THANKS!

  • March 5, 2011

    thanks a lot 🙂


  • March 5, 2011

    lol. posters are like the best part of CAT! you can score easily if you have a 'proper' concept and if the message is bold and clear 🙂

    try understanding what a poster is. its meant to attract crowd from a distance to the place where its put up.. hence a bold caption or a picture will cover the maximum space.. with brief information aside…

    search it in google 😉

    and scene drawing.. is again.. about details and presence of mind 😉

  • March 5, 2011

    hey this is me mili im too a nift aspirant though im giving nid exam too but ur blog just made me crazier about my dream but i face a problem dat ,, im able sketch out well but scene drawing and posters give me a scare can u help me with it ,, 🙂

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