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Holidays kinda sux ;(

I know it’s been quite a while since I wrote here. Firstly I would like to congratulate all the students who made it through the NIFT entrance this year. Will meet you guys in college. Hope you enjoy the last two weeks of your holidays 😉 I am really excited about coming back to college. Missing my friends more than ever! Holidays never seemed this boring before!

It felt really good being in home especially after the kinda restlessness we went through in april-may (or rather the last 6 months?). Home-made foot after six looooooooooooonng months xD It was fun.. But, It’s only a week later that I realised the fact that I want to get back in college and keep myself busy with some kind of assignment!! Ha ha… I seriously didn’t know what to do when I’ve got nothing to do!! Well.. Not that I’ve got nothing to do, but the fact that I am loaded up with all kinds of BORING work. Well, yes… all kinds of boring work… right from going to bank, trip to Tirupathi (two time in less than a week!!), helping out my cousin in mathematics (I forgot all rules of integration and differentiation… I had to check out an example problem to remind myself that differentiation of X^2 is 2X ;( Do you guys remember? if any??) and every kind of work that I AM NOT INTERESTED IN! Even Facebook seemed to be more boring than ever!! All kinds of really really **BAD** films that released this summer, duh! Summer of 2010 –> U SUCK! 🙁

The only fun part was that most of my friends (yes, out of boredom) have been uploading funny pictures from the past NIFT life and tagging each other =D now.. that was REAL FUN! You take a look at some of them yourself!!

 Raat mein roya (with work), din mein soya (of course, in college :P)
She seems more comfortable than the previous three =P
Why eat in canteen when you have Aanchal in classroom??? xD
I seriously don’t get what’s in his mind when he pose like this!! lol!!
When I get ANGRY 😛
Vivek’s favourite faculty Mr. Aushutosh Sir!!! xD xD
 Anuja seems more enthusiastic with the cake than the BIRTHDAY GIRL itself! 😛
  • March 5, 2011

    lol. congrats ;))

  • March 5, 2011

    I am soon gonna be in NIFT, Hyderabad for Fashion Management (PG) and completely enthu to get insomniac 🙂

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