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Givenchy Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2010, Paris Fashion Week

Karl Lagerfeld amused us with a grand show for Chanel and John Galliano mesmerized the Dior ramp with colourful floral inspirations. Riccardo Tisci took the opulence of Haute Couture to the next level with 10 magnificent outfits featuring breathtakingly detailed workmanship. Riccardo admitted that it took up to 1600 hours to create the crystal studded outfit! Outfits with feathers, fringes, beads, lace detailing and golden embroidery were displayed in a baroque inspired ambience. Staying true to his gothic concoctions, the designer used skeleton bone motifs in zippers along with crystal embellishments. The collection is grand and extremely practical in the real world. It’s not one of those collection that you look in ramp and later wave off your hand saying “may be Lady Gaga will wear them.”

Except for a chocolate brown feather applique gown, the outfits were mostly in white, nude and gold. It’s simply jaw dropping when the designer


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