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Those were the best days of my life!

“do u guys even understand WAT it is to be a carpenter, mason, welder, sculptor, poster designer, photographer, n many more things in one day
n document all this in the same nite????????????”
Ha ha ha! That’s one of my friend’s status update in facebook. The two terms “NIFT” and “restlessness” are probably synonyms! Lol!

Exams kick-started in the month of May, and it was probably the most restless days that I’ve ever spent in my life. Rushing to internet cafe to get the print outs for tomorrow’s exam, spending all evening on conceptualization, working half asleep at 4 AM, having chai at 6AM and continuing to work and finally doze off at 8.30AM only to wake up at 9AM! Wow! I still remember how I cursed my fate. Later I realised, working along with friends, is probably, the best thing you get to do here in NIFT. The more adventurous your work is, the more fun you have. And now, weeks after the trauma (lol! Yep… I’d call the phase traumatic!) I can say, “Those were the best days of my life!”
And I thank my friends, BIG TIME, without whom, I could have never completed my assignments. Specially – Sawrabh, Ashish, Sabir and Vivek .

Some snapshots:

Sabir’s mood-board depicting the emotion ‘pain’.


Thermocol worth Rs.500!
Stuti, working on her installation.
Sabir’s installation in making.
That’s myself, working on my ITP installation.
Amrit’s installation display. Theme: ‘TRANSFORMATION’
The above installation depicts the mighty ruler Ashoka, who after the Kalinga war, changed from a young warrior to a wise and matured ruler. The above installation depicts this transformation in a metaphorical context, inspired from grass which is more rigid and solid when new. The same grass tends to bend and blossom as it grows up.
Great job Amrit! 😉
This is my personal favourite! Vivek’s installation is inspired from ‘social networking craze’. The installation basically depicts the flow. Simple yet smart work with perfection in finishing and neatly displayed. Vivek… your awesome!


My very own installation 😀 Theme: ‘TRANSITIOIN’
The installation focuses on rise in global water level or the global ecological meltdown. Life in earth, started in water and that’s where it may end due to the global ecological meltdown. An apocalypse… A paradox… A transition!
Anant’s installation inspired from heavy metal subculture.
Jury in process.
Siddhart Sir! Our favo 😀 That’s Vivek, Arun, Siddhart Sir and Me from left to right 🙂
Check out the last bench aka Back Bencher’s Association! lol! That’s Vivek, me, Sabir, Ashish, Amrit and Sawrabh!!
Those were the best days of my life!!!
  • March 5, 2011


    My rank is 96.

    I chose FD at Nift Mumbai….do you think its a good choice?? I mean i was confused between Nift Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad…..

  • March 5, 2011

    ha ha…
    thanks 🙂

  • March 5, 2011

    wow….gr8 work…nd cool pics….impressed…

    i found urs the best…..

    thanku for answering my earlier query!

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