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What to wear for Christmas? Look #3 “The Red Godess”

As a designer red is my favourite colour. It goes with every skin tone. The colour speaks about passion, aggression, power and luxury. Red is probably the best colour you can sport this festival. One must be gifted to wear it for Christmas. So here’s the last fashion-for-Christmas related post this year. Luxurious in RED!!
Not many of you must have noticed this. Almost every other collection from Autumn/Winter 2009 season had the colour red making an appearance! At least it did in the shows of those designers I religiously follow. Here are some endless runway inspiration from the ramps of Autumn/Winter 2009.
Bold tomato reds by Issey Miyake.
Where’s the party tonight?? Versace.
Christian Dior.. Love the last outfit in particular!
Devil wears PRADA.
Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton. Here’s another set of outfits with thigh-high black boots.
Bewitched in red! Stella McCartney.

It’s Alexander McQueen creating the red and black glamour. RED+BLACK=HOT!HOT!HOT! The red-black-white dress looks exceptionally brilliant and contemporary!

Erdem. Red dress with black lace details.

John Galliano creates interesting look fusing tribal elements.
And here’s some more..(click on the images to shop the products)
Bags/Shoes in RED
Before you wear red, remember to choose the right shade for your skin tone.
Have porcelain skin and blonde hair? Go for true reds like the tomato red. Make sure you opt for a shade with blue undertone. Don’t go for anything orangey as it doesn’t complement your skin tone.
Deep reds work for those with dark brown/black hair or brunettes or Indian women. People with dark skin should select red with orange undertone.
Remember, the oscar gowns?? Yep. Inspired from Heidi’s red carpet look.
Fusing red and black.
Wearing red stockings its a tricky challenge. Never ever dream about combining red dress with a red stockings! The best option would be to team a black/grey dress with red stockings.


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