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What to wear for Christmas? Look #1 ‘McQueen Woman’

Countdown for Christmas has already begun! Though my Hindu family don’t celebrate Christmas, I’ve always enjoyed doing the same with my friends. The festive mood, stars hanging in every home, shopping malls beautifully decorated…. and that really funny Mr. Bean Christmas episode 😀 And even better is what comes a week later! A brand new year. It’s weird that the year has end so soon! Anyway, I’ll write about it in my next post, not this one.So here’s my first Christmas related post. And it’s inspired from my favourite designer – Alexander McQueen’s Fall/Winter 2009 collection titled ‘Horn of Plenty’ (also subtitled ‘Everything but Kitchen Sink’).

These are the accessories that McQueen’s model showcased and they seem just the right pick for Christmas! (click to view it large)

The accessories include:
1. Ivory/white skull scarf
2. Black skull clutch studded with swarovski crystals.
3.Black long gloves
4. Black skull clutch with pewter cut-out shell depicting birds and flowers
5. Black punk heart cuff
6. Black skull boot
7. Dogtooth squeeze it clutch
8.  Black peep-toe pumps with swarovski crystals studded
9. Black wire frame sunglasses
10. Cashmere scarf
11. Black buckle-down skull boot
12. Black/Ivory skull scarf
13. Red dogtooth boot
14. Bloom flower brooch
15. Fold-down dogtooth boot
16. Dogtooth tote
17. Pyramid chain belt
18. Brass iron charm bracelet
19. Silver skull ring

My favorite (in design terms) would be the two dogtooth boots. They look whoa! The skull ring looks brilliant, I am already looking for an alternative in the market 🙂

Here’s a collage that I made, (sorry that it looks more a mess) from the collection.

(Above)The black (1) and the purple (2) outfit here will look great with the open-toe boot in the collage.

Now, let me suggest taking clues from the runway. The look is dramatic as hell.  The look is more anti-feminine, the one that hides the “girl” in you. The look would include gigantic platform shoes, glossy large lips and some sexy dress in black, white and red. Also included are the dogteeth prints, stripes and some smart bold dress in bright red.
Remember the shapely dress he made? The pencil skirts? And those gigantic boots? So get set to stand tall and proud for the gracious occasion. When you speak about Alexander McQueen you are ready for an extreme power-dressing!

And please don’t copy the goth look as it is. You would not want to look like you have dressed up for Halloween for Christmas. One can definitely ape those huge glossy lips. But in a better way like this.

Well.. now let me focus on DESIGN ‘only’….

And here are the looks to wear, four sexy looks from McQueen’s collection that will look fantastic for the occasion.
1. Luxuriant ‘Birdie’

Model is sporting a bird print funnel neck dress teamed with black pumps.

2. Red Godess

I must add, this attire looks more luxurious than the above one. I would want to marry her right away! On second thoughts, her hair asks me to stay away 😛
Now, red would definitley be the best colour to choose as
a. You go matching with SANTA
b. Looks great with any skin tone
c. It’s arguably most luxurious and safe colour for any occasion
It’s just the waist belt that would need the replacement.

3. Stripes

I wrote about stripes only in my previous blog post. Wearing stripes is another nice way to go. You can read more on how to wear stripes in my previous posts (link:
For those people who are lazy to click the link.. some quick note:
a. Stripes are not meant to be worn from head-to-toe
b. Horizontal stripes would add volume and vertical stripes (trousers) would add to height
4. The Dogtooth Look
Dogtooth prints looked really unique in McQueen’s collection. Source for look-alike of these outfits. It’s an interesting look to invest on.
Phew.. it took me really long to write this post. Had to do lots of sourcing. Feeling sleepy. I’ll return tomorrow with a post for guys out there.
Good Night folks…

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