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Style watch at Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party 2009

Heidi Klum has become the face of Halloween. She dressed up as the Indian godess ‘Khali’ for the Halloween party last year(2008). She did the miracle once again.
Heidi Klum and her husband Seal were dressed as raven. Heidi had given birth to her fourth child just a fortnight ago. It’s incredible that she and her husband hosted the party.
Seal and Heidi
Heidi Klum sported the sexy black over-the-knee boots over the fish net stockings. Draped over in black feathers, she looked as the perfect harbinger of death – the raven. Black feathers look stunning, I can take some inspiration from this for my graduation project display!
Jessica Lowndes
Let’s remind her, anything in black doesn’t go with the Halloween theme. She turned up in a sexy attire with lots of inspiration from the just ended spring/summer 2009 fashion weeks.
Sexy bows, black and white stripes, elegant usage of lace and a smart whistle hanging over. Nice lingerie trends for next season.
Katerina Graham
The black leather bodice-sexy and perfection! Futuristic too! Katerina Graham turned up in a common vampire look with futuristic hints (the leather bodice, metallic chain, bracelet and the shoes)
The futuristic elements in detail, the metallic chain and the shoe.
The metallic bracelet is cool and bold.
Kelly Osbourne & Luke Worrall
Fully inspired from the British breakfast, the eggs and bacon.  
Kelly Osbourne and her boyfriend DJ Luke Worrall looked CUTE as eggg and bacon.

Rachel Zoe

Over-the-knee boots again, but doesn’t create the same magic that the ones sported by Heidi Klum did. Still, an interesting attire though. Beads and the chunky jewellery(necklace) adds to the Indian elements. The prints are interesting too, is that wings of some insect? Butterfly…dragon fly or house fly maybe.
p.s. she needs better hairstylist!
And… Paparazzi favourite…. Paris Hilton.
Lots of element to inspect! Paris Hilton turned up as Lady Gaga. Feathers seen again! They look more elegant and pretty this time.
The futuristic elements look stunning! The bracelet and the shoes(forget her skinny-ugly-legs) look stunning!
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