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Comme des Garcons Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer 2010 Paris Fashion Week

Rei Kawakubo was all fascinated with the shoulder pads. May be she fast forwarded the fashion cycle. What I loved the most was the designer’s spectacular garment construction skills. It’s brilliant.
Patch works, weird cuts, over blown patches, prints and leather shoulder braces added to the concept. Jackets had some weird composition of brocade strips and sequins. Apart from patch work details, polka dots, graphic prints, large ruffles, embellishments and warrior/military look was also seen in the show.
Jackets and dress were huge and voluptuous. Models sported candy floss hair and leggings teamed with laced up shoes.

Emphasized shoulder.
Model with green candy floss hair and sexy red shoes. The show opener’s outfit comprised of black leather shoulder pad with nude t-shirt teamed with printed skirt with patchwork details and sequins.

Embellishments. Brocade strips and sequins.

The shoulder pads were later transformed completely into jackets with strange cuts and patchwork.

Strange patchwork in jackets.

Jackets were later inspired by the military look. The pattern making and garment construction skill was absolutely brilliant! Check out the detailed cuts.

The warrior woman look followed later.

Black dress with interesting patch work.
The warrior woman. Shoulder pads in black and red.


Sheer Effect.
The dresses spoke more of graphic prints, polka dots and patchwork.

Polka dots. Love the one with a hole in it. The second one has intersting collar work.



The graphic prints.

Brilliant collection. Excellent inspiration for design students like me.

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