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Runway Report – Viktor & Rolf Ready To Wear SS-2010, Paris Fashion Week

It’s a clever and wacky display from Viktor & Rolf for their spring/summer collection in Paris Fashion Week. Love their garment construction skills! Amazing ruffles. Now, one cannot dwell on the wearability of the collection. Bulky and closely ruffled layers were seen typical. I love those neatly gathered chiffon panels and the holes especially. The second one in particular where the bulbous layers obediently runs through her body. The peach one is clearly inspired from the wings of a bird. The yellow layers in particular reminds me of the Egyptian mummy-saga.

The collection had lots of vertical bulky gathers and ruffles falling from here and there. Brilliantly cut, mostly wacky.
These four gowns in particular are ultimately my favourite. The holes in the first one, yellow gatherings in the second gown, slices in the third and finally a slit in the fourth gown. These are cleverly constructed and of course, a visual treat.

The wearable outfits did not really speak the same story that the other wacky ones did and did not really go along with the theme. The wearable outfits were mostly silk jersey outfits in shades of peach, nude with some flower applique on them.

Those outfits with ruffles and gathers have definitely proved the construction skills of the designers and would be a visual treat. There isn’t much to speak about those wearable ones.
  • October 28, 2009

    WOW! Wacky and fabulous all at once.

  • October 31, 2009

    yep! and seriously love that peach-coloured dress with holes! brilliant

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