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Runway Report – John Galliano Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer 2010, Paris Fashion Week

Dramatic! I love the guts of this designer. When the fashion designers around the world are trying to make more ‘wearable’ outfits, they only ended up loosing their sense of ‘SELF’. John Galliano is a man who came out bold for his S/S-2010 Ready to Wear collection in Paris Fashion Week. I simply loved the collection and adore John Galliano as a designer as he proved it yet once again! Take a look at every detail he has produced. You’ll know what I am speaking.

The models walked through as haze of bubbles were flying around. Dramatic with hints of Goth. Lace gloves covered the mode’s limbs. Black lace was the basic material used. The model’s make up is again a point to note, the plum lips with dramatic hair-do.
Lace and net were carried by every model. The dresses created looked brilliant.
The hollywood glamour created the magic in air.
Also seen are some beautiful embellishments in pearls, buttons, jewels with tags,  and other metallics.

The cutaway crotchet panels were beautifully coordinated along with large bows and miniature ruffles and polka dot details.

The designer also showcased floral prints in peach, coral, orange and magenta in lace.

The shoes proved to be top-class. I am seriously loving the way he has used feather accessories! I bet, only the ones in Alexander McQueen’s show can match the magic that these have created.

Floral prints are mixed along with the tribal prints. Pleated and gathered hem shaped skirts were seen along with the sheer effect.

Polka dots on bows and the designer was bold enough to use even feather accessories bloomed out of their sugar candy hair!

The make-up was something to take a note of, and are those newspaper headgears.
Layers, ruffles and drapes add to the drama. The show witnessed some brilliant garnishing waist with big bows, blue lace hemmed skirts, trimmings etc. Polka dots, sheer effects, feather accessories, newspaper head gears, jewellery with tags, buttons, metallic embellishments, fancy headgears, make up inspired from hollywood glam, stunning high heels…. He is the one who created it all!
The man behind this wonder.
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