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Gauri & Nainika’s Collection sizzle in Lakme Fashion Week – 2009

It’s a giant visual treat! Gauri and Nainika showcased a stunning collection, one of the most glamorous, elegant and breathtaking retro haute couture. The beautiful giant bows and roses stole hearts and kept me thinking and wondering! It was one of my personal favorite collections for this season.
The creative designers made these stunning silhouettes with vintage touches. Outfits were stunning in red, black and white with sophistication and style. Few costumes reminded the Hollywood glamour. The roses bloomed out of the sexy silhouettes in materials including chiffon, organza and satin. The giant bows were neatly tailored with perfection and elegance.
The outfits sizzled in red, black and white. The red outfits in particular were incredibly beautiful and were sending the sense of elegance and glamour all around in the air. Certain average black and white dress did not fit into this beautiful collection.
Bollywood heartthrob Deepika Padukone concluded the show for Gauri and Nainika in a white gown with black bodice with a couple of roses blooming out in black and white.
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