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Psychedelic art, Hampi, "SUGARMAN, SAVANT & SAPTARISHI", Pencil on paper | © Purushu Arie

Abstract Consciousness Interpreting Divinity

[caption id="attachment_9361" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] "VIBE TRIBE", Mix Media | © Purushu Arie[/caption] My thoughts are always tangled but for once, I feel uncluttered emotionally. It induces a state of warm contentment to type my first blog post of the New Year with a cleansed heart. That sentence...

Hand Painted Fashion From RangRage

Everybody is in lookout for clothes that are stylish and exclusive. It gets even better when the clothes not just offer the unique spin but also reflects your own personality. As an artist myself who spends all day making illustrations and designs, I was extremely...

On a Date With The Unfathomable

 Like infinite black sequins vibrating and shimmering under headlights in a fashion show, dark waves are sparkling under moon light as water rears high crashing ashore. The beach is beautiful, even more under a full moon night. The sky is dark but not. I am...