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Mohenjo daro costume design

Mohenjo Daro Trailer Gets The Costumes Wrong

We’re talking about Bollywood, where a short & stout Mughal emperor Akbar, in a Filmfare award winning portrayal, is depicted as tall and toned sex symbol. That’s Bollywood for you, an industry known for unnecessarily glamorizing anything and everything. The trailer of Ashutosh Gowarikar’s latest...

Diwali Style Lessons

The nip in the morning air, November rain, scintillating fireworks and festive shopping — signs that Deepavali is knocking on our doors. The rich and vivid colours of Deepavali are not restricted to dazzling crackers and twinkling lights alone. It’s a lot to do with...

The Mobster Feat. Paresh Lamba Signatures

When I first walked into Paresh Lamba Signatures store in Bangalore, I was welcomed by three mannequins draped in ethnic ensembles inspired from Mughal & British Raj era. I reckoned that it was going to be a classic affair. Given my inclination towards raw and...