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Ruffle Sleeve Gender Neutral Crop Top

Ruffle Shoulder Crop Top

Nope. Ruffles aren’t separately “attached” to the sleeve. Here, the ruffles extend to become the sleeves. Warriors deserve something special. Only, you’ll be wearing it for I made only one!

Every time a guy tells me: “I wanna wear something masculine,” I go like… Well, if you’re masculine, what you wear will look masculine too. It’s not about your clothes, it’s about you.

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Size:¬†Chest/Bust = 38″ (Ideal for 32″-38″)

Silhouette: Crop top featuring ruffled shoulders, Lungi border on center front & royal blue facing.

Fabric: Made from 100% handwoven cotton lungi.

Colour/Pattern: Green, brown, dashes of red & blue facing.

Care: Dry clean only

Shipping: 15-20 working days.