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Is Fashion Media at its Dumbest of All Time?

“How is natural fur biodegradable when faux fur isn’t?” asked a blogger/activist, in response to my previous article which discussed how natural fur is a sustainable alternative to faux fur. Biodegradable is a common term which probably an average high-school student would understand. So how...

Links a la Mode – March 10 2016

Links à la Mode, March 10 Black.White.Blonde: What to Wear | 3 Trends You Can Wear to the Office The Blog | Martina Pinto: 90’s are Back, In or Out? Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans: {Fashion Folio} Summer State of Mind DressCode:HighFashion: Trend Colour Green S/S 16 The Fashionista Momma:...

Oscars 2016 Red Carpet in Fashion Illustrations

Flash news! Celebrities wore dresses and expensive jewellery at Oscars 2016 red carpet. And men wore tuxedos like they always did. You saw it happening year after year, women clad in flamboyant dresses and men in tailored tuxedos. Will mainstream Oscars fashion ever defy gender...