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Has Vogue India Employed A Casteist Social Media Manager?



As a fashion blogger and gender neutral fashion designer, I’ve strongly raised my voice on gender dichotomy in recent years. However, I’ve never tweeted much about casteism. I’ve heard from people on how the casteist society responds with passive social boycott the moment you talk about caste issues. I got a glimpse of that passive social boycott when I tweeted series of Ambedkar’s quotes to honour the occasion of #AmedkarJayanti. In less than 20 minutes, 6 accounts immediately unfollowed me including Vogue India. I was shocked. Should I play dumb about it? Nope. I have been among the 400 odd users, Vogue India followed for around 5 years now. Vogue India has the right to choose who they want to follow or unfollow but harbouring intolerant attitude towards a fashion blogger for sharing Ambedkar’s quotes only shows that I seriously irritated the shit out of some casteist social media manager who handles Vogue’s Twitter  account. Good riddance but this needs to be shared & talked about. Fashion is not only about the clothes that we wear but the ideas that shape our society. Off late, fashion has challenged various social norms but meanwhile in India, we have a social media manager at Vogue unfollowing bloggers who’re raising voice on important social issues. Let me return the favor by unfollowing back & putting up the issue in this blog. Cheers!

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