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Feminists Are Doing No Good By Sharing This Deluded & Sexist Quote


I’ve come across this quote on various instance –

“Nudity empowers some. Modesty empowers some. Different things empower different women and it’s not a man’s place to tell which one it is.”

What empowers women is FREEDOM & EQUALITY. Freedom from patriarchy. Freedom to study. Freedom to work. Freedom to chase their dreams. Freedom to make choices for themselves. Nudity or modesty is merely a choice. Empowerment is about having the freedom to make that choice and not what choice they are making.

Equality isn’t about advocating freedom for women and denying the same to men. Right to speech is fundamental right of every citizen irrespective of their gender. Right to express opinion belong not only to women but even men. It is sheer dogmatism to claim, “it’s not a man’s place to tell which one it is.” In most cases gender issues boil down to prejudice, misogyny, freedom, equality and basic human rights. To have a say on what’s empowering and what’s oppressing, one needs brains, not a vagina. It’s a narrow minded claim to advocate that only women should address women’s issues. What next? Only transsexuals are entitled to have a say on issues concerning transsexuals? Or should only LGBT clan raise the voice to legalize same-sex marriage? May be some self-proclaimed feminists should stop discriminating on basis on gender, broaden their thinking horizons and support freedom of speech for everyone irrespective of gender.

  • April 1, 2016

    I identify as a feminist, which you probably know. And I have always found this type of memes quite problematic for the very reasons you mentioned here. Someone privileged may not understand a problem fully and that person’s opinion is unwelcome when it comes to the discussion of liberating an oppressed class. But blatantly stating men’s opinions are not welcome when it comes to equality is MORONIC and eats off of the same gender bias tropes we are fighting against. Dialogue about gender equality (of all genders) needs to be fluid.

  • April 1, 2016

    Just wanted to follow up saying that idk how moronic became in all caps while the rest is in normal text

  • Neha
    April 6, 2016

    I don’t know in what context this particular meme is but let me dissect it in a positive manner. In societies which are patriarchal the power of what is okay and what is not lies with one gender, which is men. The meme is not taking sides but it is stating that it is not one gender’s job to decide for another gender (women).

    The use of nudity and modesty as an example is just that, an example. It does not take away from other areas where Feminism empowers in different ways. And that meme is definitely not calling women as superior then others, it is simply (i am being repetitive) stating that the power to create societal structures should not lie with one gender. If you have doubts about that think India or think armies all over the world or representation of women in Government!

    This is one way of looking at this meme which deserves due consideration. 🙂

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