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Stop Stereotyping Beards And Masculinity

In reply to one of my recent articles on death of the hipster beard trend, a friend posted a comment which read that manliness doesn’t have a season. In fact, I was awaiting a reply on one those lines… equating a beard with manliness. Now that the hipster beard trend is officially dead, I wonder how much manliness one loses when they shave their beard.

How much manliness did Leonardo di Caprio or a Tom Hardy lose when they shaved their beard? How would they judge a Leo Messi or a Cristiano Ronaldo or Rafa or Fedex for timelessly sporting a clean shaven look?

There are real life warriors guarding our national frontiers, with guns and grenades at excruciating temperatures & conditions. Absence of beard didn’t hamper their masculinity.

Most of 2000s hipster fashion tribe are not hipsters in the classic sense of the term ‘hipster’. From 1950s to 90s & 2010s, a hipster sported a beard to reject the conventional notions of fashion and grooming. They’re laid back, prefer taking public transport, have political views, greet artisanal values and choose alternative lifestyles. A hipster takes pride in not following the conventional social norms.

Ironically, the hipster beard which once stood for individualism has now gone mainstream. Fashionistas sported a beard to be a part of the trendy crowd.

And then… the social media & pretentious hipsters hijacked the original sentiment that the hipster beard stood for.. with memes like this.

People who measure their manliness with length of their facial hair aren’t any different from the girls who evaluate their prettiness with their weight. Beard syndrome in men is the feminine equivalent of size zero syndrome in women.

Just like our hairstyle, faceshape, height, weight or any other aspect of the human body, facial hair can at best alter your bodily aesthetics. Beard is known to make a person look older but unfortunately there is no scientific research that otherwise suggests that a beard will magically elevate your masculinity.

Clothing and style can reflect a personality but not your manhood. In fact, nothing else can elevate your masculine traits than confidence can. A confident man is THE MAN to be or to be with. A confident man can look manly with or without facial hair. Let us learn to accept ourselves with or without a beard. Let’s man up, reject stereotypes and be proud of who ever we are.

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