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Fashion Illustrations – Miley Cyrus’s VMA Outfits, Ranked From Bad To WTF!

I was earlier wondering about why VMA2015 wasn’t telecasted live in India. But it was only when I watched the show that I got my answer. Come on, almost every other frame featuring Miley Cyrus came with audio and video censors. I am not even blaming VH1 India here, we have a conservative government which had banned Fashion TV in the past. Leaving that aside, and returning to VMAs.. So I wake up & Google up VMAs to know who won what and who wore what. But all the news results were about half-naked Miley Cyrus and Kanye’s announcement on running for 2020 presidential elections. After reading all fashion magazine websites’ running commentary on Miley Cyrus’s ‪#‎VMA‬ outfits, I got reminded of that scene in the comedy flick The Dictator (2012) where Alladin is set to deliver speech at UN and couple of media folks discuss everything from why he fell down to other antics on the podium. Miley isn’t any less of a wacky newsmaker than The Dictator himself and the media has been consistent in amusing us. Now when I write this article, I am doing it at the risk of joining the idiot-club who are trying to make sense out of Miley’s style/fashion. But let’s get real. It was no fashion, just attention. The only statement the outfits made was.. ‘I-am-desperate-for-attention-and-it-doens’t-matter-how-I-get-it’. I don’t know what evil fun I got by doing this, but I decided to illustrate each of Miley Cyrus’s VMA2015 looks and decided to rank it from bad to WTF!

Let’s ease into the list with this sequinned jumpsuit that Miley Cyrus wore at VMAs. This jumpsuit featured a flared bottom and has a typical 70s disco era feel. However, Miley paired it with a floral stole which only looked like colourful bathing loofahs stitched together.
Rasna Bhasin rightly pointed out on Instagram that this outfit had a Abu-Jani-Sandedp-Khosla vibe, but in poor taste.
The sequinned leotard was outrageously revealing but is something that I can imagine Miley wearing on any other day.  I quite liked the silver applique coat and pumps that she paired the leotard with.
Wait, did I call the previous outfit as outrageously revealing? Miley surpasses her own standards in this dress that barely covers her body. The cut of this dress is nothing less than crazy and I am pretty such that an entire roll of double sided tape was used to make this one stay on Miley.
Remember, Miley announced on VMAs that she’d still call Britney Spears? Of course, she was talking the truth. Her flared trousers clearly belongs to Britney’s wardrobe from early 2000s. And she paired it with – ribbons and nipple pasties?
Technically, you can make this outfit with scrap junk available at a local stationary or hardware store. But when you are a famous name like Miley Cyrus, you have Donatella Versace creating it for you. What do you call this outfit? Junk Couture?
Miley decided to show her support for the LGBT community and wears a flag, quite literally. How creative! 😛 Where will the fashion industry be if this is how every fashion designer interpreted their inspiration?
This outfit is the joint contender of THE worst outfit that Miley wore on VMAs. She literally wore plastic sheets, what looks like large gems candies and plenty of DST (which  didn’t get it’s worthy mention in mainstream media).
This outfit can put Bjork’s infamous swan dress at Oscars to shame. The ensemble was supposed to be inspired from Miley’s love for wacky faces and she decided to wear eyes on her bust and lips as skirt. #FACEPALM
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