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Back to Basics – Men’s Street Style

Blazer: Creyate
T-shirt: Converse
Jeans: Thrifted
Shoes: Flipkart
Sunnies: Lenskart

Think different, since being seen as normal can be the scariest thing. It paradoxically makes normalcy ripe for the youth to adopt as their own. The most different thing to do right now is to reject being different all together. Having mastered the art of being  different, the truly cool crowd attempts to master sameness. Normcore style is the biggest buzz word in trend charts over the last year and a half. Normcore refers to a philosophy of that aims at finding liberation by dressing alike rather than trying too hard to look different.

Of course, when I first read the term a year ago, it didn’t come across as something new. In fact, everyone living in Chennai must already be familiar with this anti-fashion sentiment of moving away from coolness that relies on being different and instead find liberation by embracing the similarities. Style has always existed away from trends in my home town and all that makes me a big sucker for Normcore fashion.

This Normcore inspired streetstyle look comprises of a customized powder blue jacket from Creyate, a relatively young clothing brand that offers custom styling and customized fit options. For someone with special body types like mine, it’s not feasible to pick a jacket off the rack. It makes stores like Creyate that offers customized fit as our one-stop destination. The jacket is paired with denim trousers that has a strong 90s feel. The red Converse t-shirt brings the head-to-toe blue ensemble to life. A pair of comfy white sneakers complete this streetstyle look which is all about going back to basics.

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