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Illustration – Riri by Rihanna Fragrance Campaign

I read an article in a popular fashion magazine about how Rihanna doesn’t look the usual Rihanna in  Riri by Rihanna fragrance campaign. The article went on to talk in detail about how the pink satin drapes and petals are so unlike Rihanna, whose aesthetics are otherwise far from the girly glamour. It further went in detail discussing about what must be going in the bad ass Rihanna’s mind when she pulled off this hyper-feminine ad campaign. When I scrolled down, there were some good 2000-3000 more words in the article. I was like… seriously? Fuck this shit! I just wanna illustrate the campaign… and here is the illustration of Rihanna starring in the ad campaign of her signature fragrance.

Illustration – Riri by Rihanna fragrance campaign


Riri by Rihanna Fragrance Ad Campaign
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