Christopher Kane Autumn/Winter 2015

Illustration – Christopher Kane Autumn/Winter 2015-16
This is easily one of my favourite collections of Christopher Kane ever since the bandage dresses from his debut that made him the star that he is today. Christopher Kane is one of those very few designers who innovates fresh ideas consistently. His ideas aren’t lazy tweaks of what is already existing (like Kanye West’s collection for ADIDAS), but fresh in the classic sense of the term fresh. Silhouettes of human bodies did the trick giving a feeling of sensuality. The last segment of the show churned out some actual pieces of art in runway in what seems like ages. The outfits featured black outlined silhouettes rendered in lace, directly drawing inspiration from drawing classes.
Bold hues of red and blue in lapel and pockets of tailored black suits that opened the show were smartly translated into human silhouettes in black dresses. It was followed by an array of ideas in form of metallic textures, light weight ruffles, bandage dress inspired patterns, buckle inspired element in red ensembles, shimmery floral patterns and more of naked human silhouettes.
My favourite 10 looks from Christopher Kane Autumn/Winter 2015-16:

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