Curious Case of Lionel Messi’s Burgundy Tuxedo

Lionel Messi may have lost out to Cristiano Ronaldo as player of the year, but he certainly deserves some kind of bravery award for repeating the shiny red tuxedo look that he wore in 2014 (which now looks more like an old used tampon this year). Or maybe he got confused between the two award ceremonies – Golden Globes (which concluded few hours earlier) and the Ballon D’Or, given he totally turned up like he’s competing with Emma Stone and JLo for the best dressed honours. Had he attended Golden Globes, he would draw comparison with Christine Baranski on who-wore-burgundy-better with Messi emerging as the clear winner. Come on, off late it’s been about glamour, glamour and just plain glamour in red carpet and Messi’s suit clearly had more shimmer and sparkle than the entire Golden Globes red carpet put together.

Leo Messi may be the shy guy with exceptional skills, but unfortunately there’s no retreating with a shimmery burgundy suit, there’s not standing in the shadows, and there’s no pretending you are not trying to be the centre of attention. He’s aware of the (unfortunately silly) fashion statement that he’s making.

Messi and Christine Baranski – Who wore it better? 😀
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