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Getting Personal

One of my unspoken resolutions for over a year now has been to be a bit more personal here on the blog. Here’s a bit of refresher – 25 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME

1. I am an INTP personality
2. I share my birthday with artist Vincent Van Gough and Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos.
3. As a child my biggest fear was to meet a ghost. I would put myself to sleep with scary thoughts of a ghost hiding under my bed.
4. Of course, I grew up and I am now a staunch believer of atheism, science and rationalism.
5. I enjoy solitude, deep thinking, privacy, personal space and autonomy.
6. I am insomniac. 90% of the articles in the blog were penned between 1AM-5AM.
7. But when I sleep, I hibernate. It’s almost impossible to wake me up till I do it myself.
8. First thing I do after waking up from sleep is to put myself back to sleep.
9. I have never visited a hair salon in last 3 years. I cut my own hair.
10. I am 23yrs old and I still don’t have a driving licence.
11. I recently purchased a Canon DSLR and took a selfie within a selfie.

12. I know it’s impossible for most people, but I can lick my own elbow and do other crazy flexible stunts which my friends find creepy.
13. Booze or grass? I go with grass.
14. My favourite drinks are coffee and beer.
15. I am allergic to drunkstick (vegetable).
16. I won the title Mr.Fresher in my 1st year at NIFT New Delhi.
17. If not fashion design, I would have studied architecture.
18. I hardly show emotions. I bottle my thoughts & feelings.
19. My hands and feet are always cold.
20. I am not a big foodie, but even I find it hard to resist fish, crab, prawns and lobsters. Let’s add well-done beef steak with potato mash to the list.
21. I can type some 100 odd words in a minute, without looking at the keyboard.

22. I speak four languages – English, Tamil, Telugu & Hindi.
23. Something I have fantasized for a long time now – Spend a night in beach, under a moon lit sky with million stars. A campfire. Beer bottle in one hand, the person I love in the other. Endless conversations and love.
24. Last thing I did for the first time – Weight training! Has been a week now 🙂
25. I am very thankful to all my blog readers! You’ve kept me going for over five years now. Love.

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