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Celebrate #WhoEverYouAre

Tonight at the stroke of midnight I am at a standstill wanting to get unusually personal here in the blog. At this hour when I can barely manage to keep my eyes open, when my body is in denial, I possess a profound urge to get this out of my system before I suffocate myself to sleep with nostalgia.
The bitch is that I constantly wrap myself in a cocoon, reminiscing what’s gone and perpetually blame myself, overlooking other future endeavours and what they hold for me. Some things are impossible to forget but being struck in time is no good either.
I have made errors. Errors of assessments, errors of hope, errors of despair, errors of optimism, errors of pessimism and even grammatical errors in this article – which simply makes me more human.
Our troubles in life are as immense as we make them. Tonight, I am not writing to complain about how everything is miserable around me. I am not writing to rant about how I didn’t play my cards right. Instead, I am writing to accept my actions albeit it is a lifelong loop of rights and wrongs. I am writing to acknowledge both the white and black. I am writing celebrate who I am. I am writing to share this wonderful ad campaign by OBI mobiles that is about celebrating #WhoEverYouAre

You don’t have to be right or wrong. You don’t have to be an optimist or a pessimist. You don’t have to be conventional or unconventional. You can simply be whoever you are and nobody can deny it to yourself.

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