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Q & A – 24/03/2012

I red ur blog the other day and i found many answers to my queries. there are still doubts dat i wanted to clear so i hope u can help me. first off i am very much interested in fashion designing. There many ideas dat i want to portray but i cant design dose… i am in 12th standard now and i need guidance that what kind of course can i join? i want to learn it from d beginning my goal is to crack NID and NIFT. so wat should i do to prepare for entrance exam? if i crack NIFT den i dont want to work under some1… i want to b self employed, dere r many risks dat i kno but i want to know is it worth a try if i want to b in d industry? Thanking u and looking forward for ur reply…!!

Well, its always worth a try to follow your dreams, isnt it? Coming back to your queries, its a very common thing for designers to be self employed. If you are good at your work and have a good sense of starting a business, you can always eventually open a label, but working under someone else initially to gain experience is not a bad idea either. NIFT and NID entrances are mainly conducted to examine creativity. Though creativity is a relative subject, keep your mind open to inspirations and ideas. Think of out of the box ways to express your ideas, follow fashion trends, keep yourself up to date with fashion happennings, and most importantly go wild with your ideas, dont hold back your thoughts. Being creative is not an option but a necessity in this field. And dont shy away from hard work. Its the most constant and important thing in this field. Sleepless nights, tons of work are very common.


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