WIFW – 5 unanswered questions

The Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week’s AW 2012 edition is over and I still keep pondering over certain facts.
Image: Anupamaa by Anupama Dayal
I have been in the arena for all the five days and have watched almost every other show. It comes as a total shocker to see that most of the collection falls in the resort/summer line. I do understand that India doesn’t have a fierce winters and we cannot afford to showcase fur collared trench coats. That doesn’t mean that all we have to offer is light weight chiffons and crepe! There is something called a ‘relevance to season’. Fashion  is directly dependent on the season for which it is being offered. We have elements like the knits, layering and jackets which is essentially seen in Delhi winters. There were a few designers who showcased a spectacular collection without compromising with the season. Anju Modi’s line was almost completely in wool. The garments were beautifully layered at Pero. The fuchsia hearts on back of knitted woolens looked totally chic. Something that the collection will be remembered for! Meera Ali’s functional separates were very much in autumn/winter line. Rahul Mishra showcased a trench coat with beautiful piping detail in reds.
Image: Rehane
This is a serious issue. The garments which are showcased in the ramp, do not just talk about the designers, but the entire Indian fashion industry. The outfits on the runway carry our industry’s pride. In our college, the faculties rip off the entire garment, months of hard work when they find a small pucker or considerable ease in the garments. FIT and CONSTRUCTION comes ahead of the ‘design’ aspect and when you are a designer, you just cannot compromise over the basics. It was really hard to digest the fact that more than one designer had got the BASIC fit and construction wrong. What’s even more shocking is that the list includes some of the senior most designers!! May be FDCI should step in and at least have a preview of the garments before they are showcased in the ramp. We just cannot display undone garments to the buyers and media!
Image: J J Valaya
I agree with the fact that the live performances add extra oomph to the fashion shows. But sometimes they get really really lengthy and bore the audience to the death. C’mon! We are here to see the garments.

Image: Rocky S

It comes down to the relevance once again. An almost-couture-range in ready-to-wear week? There weren’t many, but still a considerable number of designers who showed bridal and couture-range garments in a  prêt week!

Well.. That make is FIVE. I am not done yet. Have three more visuals to share. Now, it’s your turn to comment on them. Share your thoughts on the visuals below!

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