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Renaissance – 1500-1600 in fashion

This is a quick blog post coming up while am almost caught up in an extremely unstable and bumpy roller coaster ride, exams I mean…

Almost a week ago, as a part of History of Fashion and Design subject, I had prepared a presentation on Renaissance costume and how it influenced the modern day fashion.

Renaissance fashion and costumes mirrored the advancing culture, as increasing trade made more clothing materials available. Nobility dressed themselves in elaborate and brightly colored robes, gowns and other vestments. The upper class reserved silk for themselves, and in some areas, peasants were forbidden to possess it. Embroidery of gold and silver thread would be sewn to form fanciful designs depicting scences from legends, nature or religion. Those living during the Renaissance would adorn themselves in jewelry, furs, and elaborate belts. Wigs crafted from peasant’s hair was also very popular.

I simply loved this period for the flamboyant layers, opulence, surface treatment and the exaggerations in sleeves and hips!

Slides from the PPT I made.

The sleeve exaggeration can be dated back to Renaissance period!!

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