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Gisele Bundchen wearing my ITP dress!

The following post is combined work of facts and fiction.

My sincere thanks to my ITP mentor, my group mates and supermodel Gisele Bundchen.
After working on bodice and skirts in semester 3, we moved on to making dresses, torso and trousers in semester four. At the end of the semester, as a part of Integrated Term Project we make a final garment incorporating all the techniques we learnt throughout the semester. I decided to make a contemporary dress inspired from Japanese geisha.
While the word ‘Japanese geisha’ reminds us of the tradition and culture in Japan, I aimed at designing a dress which is contemporary and yet borrows elements from geisha.
Rough sketches I made exploring the exaggerations, layers and origami silhouettes inspired from Japanese Geisha
After weeks of brainstorming and mind-mapping I decided to use elements like exaggeration, layers and origami. Our group members decided to work on a contemporary colour scheme leaving behind the traditional bright colours and oriental motifs that most of us remember geisha for. After making several rough illustrations like those above, I finally made this peach layered dress with obi waist band inspired from exaggeration and layering as seen in geisha costumes.
And now the epic moment when supermodel Gisele Bundchen was so impressed with my work that she agreed to wear the dress and do a photoshoot without charging me a penny!!
Let me know what you think about this dress which is the 2nd garment I have designed and stitched out. Also, take a look at the bodice and skirt that I had made in semester three.

P.S. My sincere thanks to Adobe Photoshop too!