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Yoonji Agnes Lee – Stylist

Yoonji Lee

Walk into the department of fashion design, NIFT New Delhi, and you are bound to notice Yoonji Lee, a South Korean girl whose hair colour, clothes, bubbling attitude and not to forget her language(with heavy Korean accent) stands out.

I was going through her styling work and while flicking through this particular image, she was explaining me how she draped a long piece of sari into this beautiful floor length dress. Awesome. Isn’t it?

Photographer : Sps Kalra
Styling : YoonJi Agnes Lee
Makeup & Hair : YoonJi Agnes Lee
Model : Nathassha Sikka

Photographer : Aman Sood
Out fit Designer : Siddhartha Tytler
ACC Designer: Nitya Bajaj
Styling : YoonJi Agnes Lee
Makeup and Hair : Ratul
Model : Anna Dishkant
Photographer : Manoj Avana
Styling : YoonJi Agnes Lee
Makeup & Hair : Leeview
Model : Shobhit Kapoor
Photographer : Supriyo Nath
Styling : YoonJi Agnes Lee
Makeup and Hair : Sagar Ahuja
Model : Ruchi Kashyap
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  • August 14, 2011

    I love the last girl's jeans!!! and the 1st 1 reminds me of all my thoughts about saris! 🙂 great work! 😉

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