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53 photos bring back Michael Jackson’s style legacy

A tribute to the fashion icon on occasion of his 53rd birthday. No one can forget the legacy he left behind in music, dance and fashion. Michael Jackson’s style quotient kept evolving with time. The king of POP, set himself apart from other artists with his unique sense of dressing. The legendary artist came into the pop scene in early 70s wearing fringed shirts, bell bottoms and platform heels. Michael Jackson adopted minimalistic fashion, a more sleeker look as he reached adulthood. The minimalistic look comprised of tuxedo suits, pegged pants, black shoes and the stark white socks. He went on to set his signature style since the release of ‘thriller’ while the flamboyant red leather jacket went on to become a big hit over night. The Billie Jean look mainly comprising of the leather tuxedo, glittering glove and ankle socks went on to inspire menswear evening looks. He was celebrated for his theatrical style of dressing including the sequined glove, fedora hat, dynamite socks and aviators. In 90s he illustrated his love for swarovski crystals. The sophisticated suits were teamed with his trademark arm bands and other military inspired fashion accessories. Embellished jackets became his uniform with brass buttons and golden braiding, a trend that has inspired celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga etc. His legend continues to be a major source of inspiration for millions. Long live MJ.

53 defining MJ looks seeing which one can’t help but get inspired.

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  • August 29, 2011

    He was such an innovator, he's still greatly missed.

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