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Being a MODEL is not so GLAMOROUS

A lot is being written about Thylane Blondeau, the 10yr old model with pouty red lips, bouffant hair, and sparkling eyes looks like a seasoned professional. She looked stunning in the French Vogue cover. The young model’s editorial shoot which included a topless shot sparked yet another controversy in the fashion world.

10yr old Thylane.
How glamorous is the profession in real? After all, being a model is not so easy.

 They are too thin.
Or they are too fat.
They are too young.
They wear weird clothes.
And give weird pose next to a shit pot!
They are mostly photoshopped (her waist is smaller than the size of her head!)
And are overly exposed.
Last but not the least, they have to deal with these ‘occasional’ wardrobe malfunctions.