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BOLD decisions

Three years ago, I along with my dad packed my essential belongings and boarded a train traveling from Chennai to New Delhi for the life to move ahead. It was a very tough decision to make. Leaving home, moving to a new city (the cultural difference makes it equivalent to moving to a new country!), speaking a different language, eating different food, getting your health f**ked up and lot more for the sake of education. Though, I have clearly molded myself to suit the new ambiance, I constantly keep missing home or the entire Chennai city. Nope. I am not whining. I would call it ‘attachment’. I would be readily waiting to take a break from Delhi and go back home.
Now that I am back home, it’s strange that I miss New Delhi. The fun that I had. Friends. Looks like I have made a connection with the place.
Home, family, the humid weather, South Indian food, buildings with glass facades smiling at you, marina beach, Kollywood is all soothing and comforting here in Chennai.
The clean and broad roads, street food, metro, green-yellow auto-rickshaws, friends, college is all calling me back to Delhi.
Wonder where I would be after finishing my graduation!

Others who were making a bold decision earlier this week.

 Kerry Washington in Michael Kors at BET awards.
 Found this image at Geometric Sleep. Stripes on stripes! Bold decision you see.
Venus Williams wearing a white jumpsuit ensemble at Wimbledon. Few called it a thumbs up, while others called it flop. I’d say.. BOLD!
TRYING TO BE BOLD? What are those circles doing in his underarms? :O


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  • July 16, 2011

    Hey! Been trying to comment on ur posts since ages…there is some fault with it. nevertheless, now its cracking…. I feel the same…on campus i would find myself cribbing about the workload n counting days left for the summer break. Now that I am at home….relaxing with nothing to do, a strange itch to work n be in campus has taken over me. I guess that is what NIFT makes you….addictive of its air…

  • July 17, 2011

    It's a very NIFT thing I suppose 🙂
    and. yes. Many people were complaining about the problem… (being unable to comment).
    I mended it.
    I hope it's working now. OR you still have problem?

  • July 20, 2011

    Now i can comment…as u can see 😛
    another favor i have to ask you of…any advice b4 i step into FD?

  • July 22, 2011

    Well. Nope!
    It's time you do something purposeful and constructive.
    and I mean it 😛
    What you do from here on is what FASHION DESIGN is actually about 😀
    all the best 😉

  • July 23, 2011

    Thanks a ton 🙂

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