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T-Shirt Stenciling Technique

Sometimes you barely grasp the pace at which time moves on. March has been a busy month altogether. The month is about to end and I am yet to take a closer look on the fashion week that just ended except for few shows. Right now I’ll make up for a bad fashion design student who’s barely aware of current affairs in fashion. Well… Blame my college 🙁 We had our mid-semester exams earlier this month and we did have those hectic assignments that we do every other time. Only difference is that this time it was twice as hectic as it usually is. We had exams in pattern making, draping, garment construction, fashion illustration, a theory subject and jury display/submissions for surface design subject.

While I made a simple loose fitted torso with kimono sleeve for the pattern making exam, I traced the same onto a floral printed fabric and stitched it out for the garment construction exam. I made a fitted dress with a princess panel variation and pointed sleeve.

My favourite of all was the surface design techniques submission in which we had to create t-shirt prints using stencilling technique. You create a stencil and later paint it over a plain t-shirt to get a desired print! Yay! I can create my own t-shirt prints from here on.

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