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Random advice on NIFT preparations..

Hope.. this one helps… many others too 😉

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 im appearin for my entrance exam this feb. Jitters in my stomach already. How hard or less hard is it? You must be so good, ranked 1st in india. Hats off ! I know this is all so random, i jus thought you could give in a few tips to crack the entrance. Lol. So yea. 🙂
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Purushu Arie December 5 at 9:04pm
ha ha.
btw. abt nift 😉
yea. i nvr really bothered abt maths.. as my maths, english and current affairs was good in general 😉
Practice well for the CAT. The more papers you solve, the better it gets 😉
for..CAt.. you’ll find lots of inspirations in magazines.. like home interiors, poster/advertisements u come across in fashion magazines, products like handbags, tshirt prints etc..
also.. keep sketching design motifs, like.. tatto designs, rangoli designs, tribal designs, contemporary ones etc. that’ll help you BIG TYM!
jus keep sketching 😉 that should help 😉
Purushu Arie December 5 at 9:07pm
also.. concentrate on sketching human figures 😉
questions are mostly asked in the form of:
*scene drawing
*stamp/poster/banner/tshirt/flyer/brochure design
*product design (like.. design a sofa/couch for a 5star hotel or design Dining table chair etc)
yea.. CAT is all about your sketching skills..
and.. anothr important point is.. try to have a THEME where ever possible.
that’ll leave a good impression on ur examiner as designers always work with a THEME in mind 😉
THEME/INSIRATION is where.. we start.. the scratch 😉