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Style Icon – Michael Jackson

The king of pop, apart from influencing music and dance had unique style of dressing. He set apart himself from the rest artists with his much commented style statement and lifestyle. The military trend that he set in mid-90s during the height of his fame is something that’s religiously followed till date. The bell bottoms that he sported in his early days to the current military look, he’s an undisputed fashion icon. Tribute to the fashion icon.

Michael Jackson burst into the pop scene in early 70s wearing fringed shirts, bell bottoms and platform heels. The young Jackson reached adulthood and introduced more sleeker look. The stark white socks, tuxedo suits, pegged pants and black shoes that he wore paved way for more sophisticated, elegant and minimalistic style.
The signature style of Michael Jackson came into existence with the release of the album “thriller” which remains the best-selling album ever. Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean look comprising of black leather tudexo jacket, pant, the glittering glove and ankle socks inspired men evening looks. The flamboyant red leather jacket was a big hit over-night!

The set in left is inspired from the jacko’s red jacket look that he carried off in the beat it song.
It comprises of a red cropped biker jacket, narrow fitting black jeans, white t shirt, yellow leather belt with gold tone dome and pyramids, black ankle boots, elschia bag, biker gloves and black sunglasses.

The red jacket with zipper details, the narrow fitting parachute pants, the white sequin glove dominated the 80s fashion scene. He was celebrated for his theatrical style of dressing including the sequinned glove, fedora hat, dynamite socks and aviators.
Michael Jackson was a big fan of sequins and swarovski elements and throughout 1990s he wore jackets with swarovski crystals, dynamite socks and sequinned glove throughout his stage performance and public appearances. He was one of the first to wear clothes entirely encrusted with swarovski crystals.

The above set inspired from the sequin look consists of a sequin blazer with bat-wings, Gareth Pugh leather and knitted panel trousers, white jersey tank, Yves Saint Laurent platform pumps, black leather belt with embellishments and black aviators. Matching black with silver crystal elements would add to the sophistication and richness of the look.

The look is inspired from Michael Jackson’s outfits in the song Black or White. It consists of white cropped t shirt, black leather trousers, black studded belt, chain waist belt and glittering leather ankle boots.

Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean look wiith black sequin jacket, white shirt, tuxedo pants, glittering ankle socks and single sequinned glove.

Jacko continued to sparkle in glitters throughout 1990s with military insignia and fedora hat. He no longer sported the minimalistic texedo suits he wore in 70s during the “off the wall” period. The braid and button becked military jackets he wore proved iconic. The sophisticated suits were teamed with his trademark arm bands and other military inspired accessories. Embellished jackets became his uniform with brass buttons and golden braiding, a trend that has inspired celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga etc.

Rihanna sporting the military look highly inspired from Michael Jackson.

Military Brigade – Set items include Jacko’s custom made military jacket, Emilio Pucci pants, white jersey t shirt, leather peep toe shoes, cross body tote, metallic bracelet and chain belts.

Michael Jackson did not shy off to to borrow pieces from women’s wear. He wore tops that even female celebrities would not lay their hands on and what’s cool about this is that it totally works on him! lol!

Michael Jackson wearing a Balmain Fall 2009 black top with silver embellishments.

Jacko wearing a gold studded top and jacket from Givenchy Fall 2007 collection.

The king of pop’s unique and intriguing sartorial choices will live on with his legend. Love you MJ! RIP!

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