Manish Arora Ready To Wear Autumn/Winter 2010, Paris Fashion Week

You can connect him with this:

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Yes, the man who loves nothing but COLOURS! More is LESS! Manish Arora!! The same man behind the fish fry collection for Reebok.

and the same man behind this:
and this:

It seems like Manish Arora can never come out of his bright, bold, colourful drama, which seem to rule his collection season after season. The autumn/winter 2010 collection, that he presented in Paris Fashion Week recited the same old story of brights-colours-bold cuts-drama-futurism. The collection is as usual good, typical Manish Arora type, yet bored to see the same repeated stuff from Manish year after year 😐

Crystals, geometric patterns, futuristic silhouettes and electric hair-do were salient features of this bollywood-meets-sci-fiction show.

The crystal studded multi-coloured legging in hot pink, aqua green and bright yellow stripes reminds me of performing artists in CIRCUS! In fact, the outfits themselves speak of a carnival. Bright, jovial and cheerful in sugar-candy colours 😀 The armour with mosaic details hints space-age connections.

The silhouettes of the outfits were inspired from architectural fantasies, whereas the prints depicted futuristic cityscapes and neon lights from the buildings. The collection taking inspiration from 20s art deco, showcased signature Manish Arora warrior shoulders with bright and bold embellishments in orange, yellow, aqua, pink, red, purple decorated the futuristic silhouettes that models sported in neon-lights-inspired hair-do.

The last three models were accessorized in LED head dresses along with their fluorescent bob hair.

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