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Insominac NIFTians

Its 12:33AM. Now that I don’t have any submissions in the near future, I somehow managed to remember the fact that I write a blog! Mid-Sem exams have just concluded. I have just recovered from two hectic weeks of endless submissions and assignments. All I did in last two weeks was sketching with different mediums in less than 3 hours and submitting the unfinished work, cutting out 3-d paper relief designs for EOD (hate it the most!), spending money on useless documents 🙁 working on the fabric swatches all the night while I am half asleep, designing a poster in Photoshop in barely few minutes, cutting out geometry shapes and patiently completing the sheets! Oh! Our only theory exam, Principles of Management, brushing up the management topics just 2 hours before the exam! Once we wake up in the morning, we keep thinking of these assignments 24*7! They make our world. What’s worse is that it’s all actually more hectic than the way it sounds!

 Sleeping in machine lab! This what happens, when you don’t have proper sleep in night 🙁

IWhen you are a NIFTian, you’ve got no time to RELAX! All we know is, assignments, work, submissions, RE-DOs! Oops! I just remember, I’ve got to complete my moodboard by Tuesday!

Gotta start workin on it! Bye! Good night folks!

Forgive me for the grammatical errors or the poorly constructed sentences – Went on a quick whining spree!