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Fashion Icon of the Year 2009 – Lady Gaga

United States had bigger issues than economy or health care reform to tackle!! Yep… the whole nation(in fact, the whole world) went ‘gaga’ over Lady Gaga’s wardrobe!!
You may love her, you may hate her. You just can’t IGNORE her. I’ve recently updated my ‘about me‘ section stating “Lady Gaga might be an ideal celebrity to sport my creations”. You may describe her outfits as nutty, crazy, weird, wacky, stupid, or what ever ****. Still, she can wear what’s not wearable and that makes her different.

Remember? The entire fashion scene went boring after hit by recession. Even designers were afraid to take risks (except a few). Every one insisted in playing safe. Lady Gaga has the ‘GUTS’. She can wear rubber clothes, fake bones, muppet skirt, bubbles, origami dress and even underwear as outerwear!!
Clearly, the year 2009 belongs to Lady Gaga in terms of both fashion and music (ga ga oo la la) with her fashion inspiration mostly from 80s.
I loved her more than ever (yep.. i seriously love her for being ‘unique’) when she sported Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2010 outfits in the song Bad Romance. Yo! My favourite designer’s outfits! Now, I’ll write a separate post on this topic later 🙂

Here’s the best of Lady Gaga in the year 2009.

Black and white.
Embellishments… Oh! She made the ‘no-to-pants’ look so popular! 😀
Lady in pretty floral.
Geometric Lessons.
The bubble dress… Is she really wearing that??
Who the hell is ‘disco stick’?? lol
Dressed in latex rubber.
Black leather.
No-to-pants!! Love you curves 🙂
Pretty in pink… OMG! is that a muppet dress? oh.. it is!!
Sheer effect.
“Fashion fades, Style is eternal” – Yves Saint Laurent. It’s true in Lady Gaga’s case! She’s probably the best thing in fashion circuit 2009! Hats off!

Photo Credits:
Getty Images
The bad romance photos are screen shots of the video edited along with McQueen 2010 outfits taken from

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