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Sketches for NIFT Creative Ability Test – Human Figure

Getting your human figures right is key to score well in the NIFT Creative Ability Test. Here are some human sketches that I’ve posted for the NIFT creative ability test. These illustrations were sketched by me back in my 12th grade days while preparing for NIFT entrance exam.

Useful tips for human illustrations.
  • Always see to it that the lines are bold and confident.
  • Proportions are the most important aspect of a human figure.
  • Keep your basics right like the light and dark, perspective etc.
  • Do concentrate on the costume of the human figure.
  • Concentrate on the drapes, colour, design etc. of the costume.
Sketch of a human male – The length of the face, neck, torso, hands and legs should be in proportion with a strong jaw.

Female figure – The face, neck, bust, waist line, knees, ankle, feet and the hands should be in proportion.