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NIFT Entrance Preparation 2010

Get Started!
Phew! The countdown begins! The NIFT entrance exam is just some months ahead in February 2010. The application forms for the entrance will be out in a couple of months. Folks, this is the time to gear up and take some time for preparation. You’ll have to make out some time now to prepare for the 1st level of NIFT entrance exam. Students from 12th class will be busy with their pre-board exams from now on. So, it’s my kind advise to start on with your preparations. Trust me, it’s like now or never! So start with your preparation right now if at all you are serious about securing a decent rank.

General Ability Test
Try solving out some sample papers for the General Ability Test. You can do really well with the maths section here if you simply have the memory to remember your 10th class mathematics. One definitely needs some brains to crack the logical ability. But again, it’s all pretty simple. Try to be updated with the latest happenings in the fashion industry. Try to read fashion magazines or top fashion blogs. So, if you are going to spend some time for the General Ability Test from now, trust me you may even end up being the topper if you have the caliber.

Creative Ability Test
Hm.. So here is the more challenging part of the entrance exam. In fact, I rejoiced those days when I was preparing for the Creative Ability Test. One definitly needs to concentrate more on Creative Ability Test, as if you are going to make good in it, you’re going to score really good. Considering these points, I have already decided to train students through postal coaching. Click here for more details on NIFT postal coaching for creative ability test. Go, shop a set of faber castle or stedtler colour pencils and start sketching right away. And try to enjoy your preparation. Browse for some sample papers in internet and try solving them. I’ll try and upload the sample papers soon in the blog.

So, get started with you NIFT entrance exam preparation right away. All the very best!