Tips for NIFT Situation Test Write-Up

Need To Have A Good Write-Up

It is important for a designer to communicate his design philosophies and ideologies. In NIFT Situation Test, all you get is a piece of paper to communicate your concept/design. The write-up will not only communicate your design but also reflect your personality, quality and even your intellect depending on what you write.

Tips For NIFT Situation Test Write-Up
• Maintain a margin space even if you don’t draw one.
• Write neatly with a black or blue gel pen instead of scribbling with a pencil.
• Remember to write in points.
• Keep your write up short and never write stories. It’s about quality, not quantity..duh!
• Underline the key words, or key points if it requires.
• Keep the paper neat and tidy.
• Write in a tidy and legible handwriting.
• Keep your language eloquent..
• Give a title or a name for your design, if you can think of a catchy one.
• Write about the techniques that you have used, like cutting, folding, kirigami, origami, rolling, quilling et al.
• Write about its key features and how it’s different from the rest.
• Working on a theme is a professional way to approach design. Explain in brief about your theme and how you incorporated the theme in design.
• And finally, don’t forget to write your name and roll number!

And finally… the presentation matters. Clean up your table. Clear out the waste and other paper bits in the dustbin. Stack your write up with other rough sheets and sketches if any, and leave it near your prototype/model.

All the very best.

  • Anonymous
    February 3, 2013

    hi this is shivangi bhatia you have given the ques can also give idea of making them

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    nift aspirants like me can add me on orkut wid id

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    r u on orkut..pls tell me ur id….

  • G.Chittibabu
    April 26, 2017

    I need a sample of write up for upcoming situation test.

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